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Your service delivery partners.

Supporting local authorities to
deliver project-based transformation
solutions across the uk 

Our goal is to aid local authorities in their ever ongoing struggle to fill the gaps in service, such as social care, following the fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. We offer a bespoke service to all our clients, offering a designated Project Manager, Compliance Service, Back Office function and Quality assurance function.

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Innovate to collaborate 

Following traditional social work principles, we collaborate to innovate. With a proven methodology for the project management and delivery of social work activities, we achieve positive outcomes for all our customers with a genuine value add the solution. 

Value for money 

Our combined resourcing and practice delivery experience ensure VFM, not only in the successful completion and achievement of desired outcomes but also in the shared learning and improvement journey we enjoy with our partners. 

A community-based solution 

Our customers are both our local authority clients and our ever-growing community of associates and with quality being the cornerstone of our solutions, we have specialist teams to ensure both are supported to achieve positive outcomes for service users.

Our values


We are proud to have supported the following clients:

Our Clients
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Our feedback

" My experience with Imperium Solutions has been very positive and the communication has been excellent throughout the whole recruitment process. I have found the whole experience to be very professional and efficient and I highly recommend Imperium Solutions. "


Somerset Project

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